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Member Benefits

  • Creating intelligence through collective wisdom and resources from academia, industry, and governments.
  • Realizing a 10:1 return on investment.
  • Enjoying royalty-free non-exclusive licensing of center intellectual property of all academic sites.
  • Exploring intelligent platforms and services developed by the center.
  • Leveraging the world-class talents (60+ professors and 200+ graduate students) in the era of big learning, big data, and big systems.
  • Accessing excellent students.
  • Joining peer members from high-profile companies and research labs.
  • Engaging in pre-competitive innovation with market leaders and competitors


  • The center membership fees are pooled to fund competitive research projects based on feedbacks from members.
  • Members enjoy royalty-free non-exclusive licensing for intellectual property of all sites.
  • Members have access to the entire center research portfolio, papers, software, and architectures.
  • Members vote to select projects and set their funding levels.
  • Semi-annual meetings are held in spring/fall for project selection and reporting.
  • Full Member: $50,000 annual contribution (50 votes). Associate (half member): $25,000 (25 votes).


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  • UF Mailing Address: NSF CBL Center, University of Florida, 1064 Center Drive, NEB 440, Gainesville, FL 32611